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How we help you innovate

The Campster learning system is powered by gamification and advanced analytics, improving learning results three-fold.

We are committed to helping you upskill your team and succeed on your learning journey!

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What do we offer?

Give your organization the gift of a smart, custom-branded learning platform and fill it up with Campster courses of your choice - or add your own!


Learning on Campster is mobile (of-course!), smart, intuitive and scientifically tested. It's infectious!

  • Pick from our menu of courses or add your own
  • Dynamic and communicative interface
  • Supports all learning styles and personalities
Value for money

Value for money

We will get your platform up and running in no time and we promise a smart approach to effective training.

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Integrate other business systems easily


If learning is not fun, it is not effective. That is why Campster is in line with the latest developments of the gaming industry.

  • 8 game types and counting!
  • Training, Challange or Duel
  • Helps team spirit and community building
  • Subject-agnostic - suits all topics!


Campster encourages discussion, peer support, team work and collaboration to help your team connect and learn effectively.

  • Mentoring and webinars
  • Integrated social networks
  • Study circles and groups
  • Flexible roles and groups

Why pick Campster?

Brand awareness

A learning platform uniquely yours

Course library

Access courses from our library or create your own!

Hassle and admin free

Easy, simple, fast, beautiful. Did we mention easy?

Team spirit

Designed around social interaction to foster team building.

Saves resources

You get bigger bang for your buck. A 100 times bigger!

AI powered

Immersive, adaptable and responsive content

The digital transformation of training and certification begins with Campster

Increase in knowledge retention
Decrease in instructor costs
Happy users
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