Resilience - Your inner superpower

Resilience - Your inner superpower

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  • 3 months
  • 25 steps
  • 28 knowledge assessments

What will I know on completion?

  • Notion resilience
  • Adversity quotient
  • Typology of people based on resilience
  • How does one develop personal resilience?
  • Time management techniques
  • Risk and protective factors around stress
  • Burnout syndrome
  • Developing a positive attitude and intrapersonal communication

Why should I choose this course?

We live in a time of constant and accelerated change, great demands, and daily pressure, due to which we are constantly under stress. 

In this course you will acquire the skills you need to find your inner strength and overcome these everyday challenges!

Resilience is what enables us to overcome difficult situations and transform our misfortunes into opportunities for growth. Personal development is a field which is always worth investing - it is a longterm investment in yourself, applicable to all fields of your life. In this course you will learn through examples and useful assignments about the many ways in which you can cope with stress which comes with today’s dynamic rhythm and way of life.

All you need is willpower! We will show you how to harness it!

Are there any requirements?

  • Willpower


All users who successfully complete the course will receive Proof of attendance as well as a Certificate linkable on Linkedin.

What can I expect?

After you have registered to take the course you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. The course can be accessed at any time, from your computer or mobile platform and you can study following a pace that suits you. 

Our team is in charge of mentoring and monitoring your studies, and is there to answer any questions or doubts you may have so that you can successfully acquire new knowledge and skills. In addition, you will become a member of the Campster community, be able to learn in a group, and seek help from other students or offer them assistance! 

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Who is the author?

The creator of the course is Jelena Želeskov Đorić, PhD. She earned her doctor’s degree in clinical psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, completed her studies at the Gestalt Studio Belgrade to become a Gestalt psychotherapist and received a European Certificate of Gestalt Psychotherapy, as well as a European Certificate of Psychotherapy. As of 2013, she’s the Vice-President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy.

Miloš Belčević holds a bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian studies, as well as a master’s degree in Marketing obtained at the Rome Business School. He started his career at the Microsoft Development Center, then went on to work for the international Danish online store for cell phone equipment, going on to work as a freelancer for clients from over 15 countries, such as Letgo (the largest online store for car tires in Europe). He’s the co-founder of the publishing house Story Smithery and, since 2017, the CEO of the Danish startup Opinodo.

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  • 25 steps
  • 28 knowledge assessments


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