Assertive Communication

Assertive Communication

New course

  • 2 months
  • 27 steps
  • 38 knowledge assessments

What will I know on completion?

  • Styles and types of communication
  • Differences between aggressive-passive and passive-aggressive communication
  • Notion of assertiveness
  • When and with who should you be assertive?
  • How do you send a message in the right manner?

Why should I choose this course?

An increasing number of people have been choosing to devote their studies to communication skills. Good communication makes your daily routine easier and deepens your most vital relationships. Everyone can learn these skills, and the Assertive Communication course is made to help you with precisely that!

The goal of the Assertive Communication course is to aid you in developing an automatized assertive communication style. Through practice, tasks and examples from everyday life, you will master the skills that will assist you in confidently voicing your opinions, feelings and wants, head-on and with dignity, while all the time respecting your rights and the rights of others.

Average salary of a professional

There is no professional assertive communicator, but research shows that assertive individuals are quickest to advance in their careers and reach the highest professional positions because they successfully make decisions andset their boundaries.

Are there any requirements?

  • Will power
  • A readiness to grow


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What can I expect?

After you have registered to take the course you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a manual for using the Campster platform from us. The Assertive Communication course can be accessed at any time, from your computer or mobile platform and you can study following a pace that suits you. Our team is in charge of mentoring and monitoring your studies and is there to answer any questions or doubts you may have so that you can successfully acquire new knowledge and skills. In addition, you will become a member of the Campster community, be able to learn in a group, and seek help from other students or offer them assistance!

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  • 27 steps
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